Reforestation is underway at the Mae Mai plantation, Lampang Province southeast of Chiang Mai, the principal city in northern Thailand.

Latitude 18° 29' 43.1"
Longitude 99° 38' 39.6"
Altitude 340m.s.l (mean sea level,)
Area size
1rai : 40x40m(1,600m2)
Topography Small hill with a gentle slope
Soil type Yellow podzolic, lateritic
Drainage Fairly good
Original site condition Teak plantation recently cleared after

Mae Mai Plantation Site (Lampang Province)

Thailand has a monsoon type climate, the wet season beginning in May and continuing through October. Annual precipitation along the circumference of the plantation is about 1,200 mm, most of which falls during the rainy season. Reforestation therefore must be carried out then to prevent saplings from withering.


Tree Spacies for Reforestation

Growth Situation of Planted Teaks

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