TGG was established September 10, 2002 with the support of Tokai Kasei Co., Ltd. It is the thirteenth venture company of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan.

TGG sells plant hormones "reagents for research". Two of these hormones and their esters promote strong rooting of plant cuttings. TGG's reforestation projects in Southeast Asia utilize saplings treated with these promoters. Our philosophy of reforestation is based on two concepts - helping to prevent environmental damage, such as that caused by global warming, and support of the cultures and livelihood of the peoples of Southeast Asia.

Trade Name Tokai Global Greening Co., Ltd.
President Eiji KAGEYAMA >>The President's Greeting
Address 3602 simouchi, Seki, Gifu 501-3217, JAPAN
TEL (+81) 575-46-7411
FAX (+81) 575-24-8281
Founded September 10, 2002
Business undertakings include
  1. Research and development, and manufacture and sales of chemical compounds that multiply plant cells and regulate plant growth.
  2. Research on and development of carbon dioxide discharge treatment.
  3. Partnership in and consultation on reforestation projects.
  4. Research and development, and manufacture and sales of biodegradable polymers and biomass, which are circulated materials, and their products.
    5.All aspects of the above undertakings

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